United States Sports BettingMany sports bettors out there in the United States are curious about where they can find the best places to get their action down at.  There are definitely a ton of different options available for you to look at, but there are things that you should consider before selecting a sportsbook.  Not only should just look have one sportsbook either, and that’s something that we’ll explain below.

We are going to take a full in-depth look at sports betting online in the United States, and help you look at things to check for on different sites, and which types of sites that you should use!  My personal favorite is the Bovada sportsbook. Also, be sure to look for certain things before you sign up at a site, which is where we’ll start!

Bonuses and Perks

Right out of the gate you want to be sure that whichever site that you are putting your money on and using for your main sports bets is going to offer you some type of bonus for the money that you deposit.  Sometimes that bonuses are going to get paid out over time, just depending on how much you bet and how often you bet.  All of the information about the specific bonuses on each site can be found on the terms and conditions page of the bonus section.  While the bonuses are always great for new players, you can also look to see if there is a reload bonus available as well.

Other perks that you can look for in a sports betting site as a United States bettor will be things like VIP tiers that you can work your way up based on betting.  This all depends on the site, and not all sites have this, but if they do then it’s a nice bonus.  Many sites will run specific things for big events like the Super Bowl, the NBA Playoffs, the NCAA Tournament, etc.  These are all considered perks that can help you build your bankroll!

Betting Speed

Getting from point A to point B on a site should be easy.  There should be nothing confusing or frustrating about a sports betting site.  There’s nothing worse than wanting to jump onto your sportsbooks quickly just before a game starts because you have a bet that you want to get in, and things running backwards or it taking forever for you to get to your site.  Make sure that the site runs smoothly during key times, and also that getting to the specific sports betting pages is easy and fast also.  Just play around on the site for a bit before you make any final decisions.

Mobile Site

It’s always a nice bonus if a site has a mobile betting option, so that you can bet your games on the go.  There’s nothing nicer than being out and finding a good betting angle on a game and being able to bet the game on the fly on your mobile device.  Not all sportsbooks are going to have this option, but if you simply check around on the site and look into what they offer, you’ll find your answer almost immediately.

Finding a strong sportsbook as a United States bettor isn’t too tough, but doing the due diligence to find the right site is absolutely worth the time.  After you find the right sportsbooks and the ones that you want to use on a consistent basis, getting signed up should be pretty easy, and from there it’s just making a deposit and getting into the action!