NFL Pleased about Increase in Penalty Flags

penalty flagDean Blandino, the officiating vice president of the NFL, told Associated Press that he does not consider the increase in penalty numbers this season a problem. Stating that the NFL is “in a good place,” he added that he “does not see a diminished product on the field.”

The current season’s NFL games have gotten an average of 17 penalties, which is more than two per game of the 14.7 penalties averaged during the same time last year. Violations such as offensive pass interference and defensive holding have increased this season, and the league’s number of illegal contact calls this season has already exceeded the 54 of last year.

Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the NFL, said that the games’ pace has improved, indicating an increase in crew efficiency. The fact that NFL games are concluding a few minutes earlier this season in spite of the increase in penalties further proves that crew efficiency has increased.

The increase in number of penalties might have cleaned up the games, but players are getting increasingly frustrated, especially those whose best scores have been wiped out by penalty flags. STATS has pointed out that, this season, penalty flags have wiped out 15 touchdowns, four more than the wipe outs of last season; and this could change the way the teams play out their defense.

However, Blandino does not consider player frustration a reason to worry. He says, “As long as there have been officials, there’s players that complained about calls.” He also says that these changes are irreversible.

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