Are the NFL Sponsors Hypocrites?

nfl sponsors are hypocritesNFL Sponsors Distancing Themselves from Controversy

The National Football League (NFL) has been in the news the past week for all the wrong reasons. The league has been hit with a series of scandals involving some of its most popular sportsmen. Four sportsmen were accused during the last week of being perpetrators of domestic violence and child abuse.

The NFL and its players have ties with a number of premier brands who sponsor both the leagues and individual players. Brands such as Nike, PepsiCo and Proctor and Gamble have invested both their brand and money in sponsoring the league. With the recent controversy and media coverage, these well known brands have been forced to consider their partnership with the NFL and its players.

While none of these brands have officially cancelled their major league sponsorship with the league or cut down their TV advertising revenues, they have been quick to condemn all forms of domestic violence and child abuse. In the past, Nike had terminated its contract with Adrian Peterson who plays for the Minnesota Vikings after a video revealed him physically abusing his fiancé in an elevator.

Nike continues to be one of the NFL’s biggest sponsors providing all 32 NFL teams with team jerseys, an ongoing contract that is estimated to be over $1 billion. One of the major NFL advertisers who preferred to anonymous said “In a world where you can’t get a big audience anymore, where the hell are you going to go? Obviously, we don’t condone violence against women, but how is it the right thing to do for our shareholders to pull out of the NFL?”

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